The Politics of Beauty and the African Body

“This session will center around the evolution of beauty practices and body perceptiveness in the African context to critically consider the various beauty standards prevailing in heteronormative consumer societies that have emerged since the end of direct colonial rule. The speakers are Margaret Hunter, Kemi Balogun, Simidele Dosekun and Kirstin Rowe speaking at it, with Maxine Craig being the moderator.

Feminism and Pan Africanism

Women matter! There can be no true liberation without women’s liberation, long recognised to be a central aspect in freedom struggles. The conversation in between feminism and pan Africanism is needed to ensure the necessary bridging between the dual struggles that women pursue, in their own movements as much as in male dominated liberation movements. This will be an open discussion session facilitated by Coumba Toure and Wangui Wa Goro, on the 23rd of September at the Hannah Kudjoe Stage.

Closing Ceremony: What Next for Pan-African Movements?

Keynote speaker AND Nkrumahist Dr Akwasi Aidoo reflects on the conceptualization and delivery of this years festival theme, and set the tone for follow-up activities and projects that will leverage 21st century pan-African, women’s and youth mobilizations to a new level of power and effectiveness.