#BlackLivesMatter and #EndSARS

Black and African youth movements have become increasingly resistance to the violent suppression of freedom by the military and police forces on both sides of the Atlantic. Activists from #EndSARS and#Black Live Matter movements meet to discuss their respective movements, highlighting the new visibility of young women and men on the frontlines. This session will be moderated by experienced pan-African activist, Hakima Abbas.

21st Century Feminist Social Movements and Struggles

The visibility of women on the frontlines of today’s struggles for decolonisation, democratisation, economic justice and emancipation draw attention to women’s leadership and the feminist agendas of Africa’s 21st Century struggles. Feminist scholars draw on their understanding of the long traditions of women’s activism and struggles, to consider the implications for theory and movement building. They address the question of 21st Century feminist struggles in Africa, their antecedents and what they augur for the future.

Lessons in Nurturing Feminist Leadership and Transformation on the Continent

Many people tend to misconstrue the concept of feminism, it implications for leadership, decolonization and the transformation of the continent. Veteran feminist organizers and leaders Hope Chigudu, Paula Fray and Member of Parliament of Uganda, representing Mbarara City 2021-2026, Rita Atukwasa, will discuss this subject on the 23rd of September.

Re-creating and Re-strategizing: The Radical Future of PanAfricanism

“Action without thought is empty, thought without action is blind” This final plenary discussion brings formidable radical activist intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora together share and discuss reflections on the future possibilities for more revolutionary, feminist and pan African movements.