Publishing Africa: Decolonial Strategies and Feminist Methodologies

This promises to be an exciting discussion, as it brings together a panel of great minds with extensive knowledge and experiences in publishing drawn from across the continent. Presenters will share insights and new ideas that emerge from the many efforts that have been directed at liberating African publishing from colonial and male-dominated hegemonies in global knowledge production.

Revolutionizing the Child – Literature for the Next Generation

“Educate a man and you educate a man, educate a woman and you educate the next generation” This panel explores the role and possibilities of children’s literature for bringing about more just and equitable societies that have been imagined since the dawn of African liberation movements. What attitudes and values do contemporary authors seek to convey in their work, and that the colonial and masculinist narratives are being so widely challenged by movements all over the African world?

Radical Anti-Colonial and Pan-African Publishing in the Digital Era

Future planning session on the radical possibilities for anti-colonial, pan-African and feminist publishing that accrue from digitalization. How can Africans take advantage of digital technologies. Participants are invited to consult and share, with open discussion facilitated by two of AFrica’s most radical publisher, Firoze Manji, founder of Daraja Press and Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, founder of Cassave Republic. Scheduled to happen on the 24th of September.