Alternative Business Models for African Cultural Production: Showcasing Cooperative Enterprises

The session will showcase examples of successful cooperatives from different regions of the congtinent. Reflective presentations by members of leading cooperatives will discuss cooperative strategies and practices, their achievements and accomplishments, and the major challenges they have faced. Presenters will also highlight the difference that they have made to people’s lives, and the lessons they have learned.

Market Queens: Transnational Traders

The Market Queens of Makola Market share their experiences as transnational traders who play important role in Ghana’s key commercial institutions with a view to understanding the complex subtleties of their activities, and how they organize women’s resistance to structural dysfunction and ineuqalities that women traders face, through the associations they lead.

Trading African Cultural Products across Borders

The focus in this session will be on shedding the spotlight on the trade in African Cultural products and Creative Prowess such as arts, fashion, technology. The contributors will also share their experiences of engaging in commercial activities between African countries, as well as export to Western markets, to seen how value added to the African products that also promote African culture for Africans as a route to achieving the pan-African ideal of continental self-reliance.

Pan African Trade Policy

“With a goal towards examining the challenges that the current global economy presents to enabling factors that will allow for the creation of an exclusive continental commercial atmosphere with unrestricted movements for business entities and ventures of African origin, this session will consider ways through which Africa’s trading position in the international market can be enhanced by magnifying her common voice and expanding the reach of her continental policy in global trade negotiations.