Feminist Africa Facing the Future and Townhall

Feminist Africa is back! The continent’s first open access digital journal of gender and women’s studies, was initiated at the African Gender Institute following a continent-wide consultation held in year 2000. Hosted at the University of Cape Town until 2017, FA relocated to the University of Ghana’s Institute of African Studies in 2017. IAS Director Dzodzi Tsikata joined the editorship which was further collectivised in 2020. Founding and former editor Amina Mama will re-launch FA at the Kwame Nkrumah Festival, with co-editors Charmaine Pereira and Sylvia Tamale. To complete the transition to the next generation of Feministt AFricans, the ensuing Town Hall will be an open discussion to generate ideas for future issues, and will be facilitated by incoming associate editors Sharon Omotoso and Penny Sanyu.

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