Intellectual Dialogues

“Thought without action is empty, action without thought is blind.” In this statement, we find Nkrumah recognizing the need for theory and action, or activism to be mutually informing, a synergy elsewhere referred to as praxis. To liberate Africa, we must combine thought and action, theory with practice. African ingenuity, referred to as ‘African genius’ and ‘African personality’, is not born in the individual or channelled from the skies, but is the outcome of historical experiences and struggles with the natural and human-made features of the world. Our struggles for change are material and cultural. Through our collective debates and dialogues, we develop ideas and come up with strategies for action that is rooted in a deep understanding of culture and the economy as the products of our interactions with both. Through intellectual dialogues, we question everything, demystify the ruling regimes of our day, challenge the status quo and create new paths into the future.